In a 4.16 Anne Thompson Indiewire piece titled “Deconstructing Promising Young Woman: Emerald Fennell, Jay Duplass, and More Dig In,” the following Fennell quote appears:

“How would we all justify ourselves when the angel of retribution comes to [our] door? What have you done to help the homeless? Where did your phone come from? Are the [people who made it] okay? In a very generał sense, we all know we are not good, to some degree, and we’re frightened of being asked to explain ourselves…”

HE to Fennell: “An angel of retribution might pay a visit someday because 96% of the time I tend to duck into a store or cross the street when I see a homeless person approaching? And you want me to feel guilty because my iPhone was assembled by poorly paid Chinese workers? If Apple didn’t exploit these people by paying them shit wages my phone would cost a good deal more, right? And I’m supposed to feel guilty that I’m only paying a grand for a recent model with 256K memory?

“And do you want to talk about the worst offender of all — the female fashion industry? How guilty do you and your same-aged friends feel when you manage to purchase a great-looking dress or outfit or shoes at a reasonable price?

“I’m sure you’ve come to the conclusion that everyone is tainted to some degree. As Hud Bannon said back in ’63, ‘This world is so full of crap, a man’s gonna get into it sooner or later whether he’s careful or not.'”