Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil has urged all GD guesstimators to update their Oscar predictions as Academy members are balloting as we speak.

I replied that I updated three days ago, and for the TWISTED SIN of SENSING THAT GREEN BOOK MIGHT JUST BEAT ROMA because of the preferential ballot advantage it’s presumed to have (Roma is thought to be either at the VERY TOP or VERY BOTTOM of many lists, certainly among the blue-haired Netflix haters) and because there’s a community out there that apparently feels distanced or detached from Roma, in part because, as Michael Musto said during a GD video podcast in mid-January, the first half of Roma is about Yalitza Aparacio mopping, cleaning and making beds…

BECAUSE OF THIS I’VE BEEN TOLD I’M JUDAS ISCARIOT by certain parties…this despite the fact there are (or were as of three days ago) only two GD know–it–alls predicting a Green Book win.

I know in my head and heart that Roma is finer, richer, more artful, and more deserving of a Best Picture Oscar. I wrote a few days ago that voters will feel better about themselves if it wins, and I’ve been praising it to the heavens all along, but because I confessed I’m sensing a PREFERENTIAL BALLOT GREEN BOOK ADVANTAGE, I’m a conniving, disloyal or overly impressionable ne’er-do-well who has a date with the proverbial woodshed.

As God is my witness I’ve always been a Roma admirer, worshipper, supporter.

I’ve put 80% of my award-season passion into (a) praising COLD WAR, (b) rallying the troops who felt all along that A STAR IS BORN was overhyped and that Kris Tapley overplayed his hand early last September, and (c) pushing back against the SJW Stalinist comintern boot–camp brigade in their attempted (but FAILED!) takedown campaign against GREEN BOOK.

Now I’m just average common too. I’m just like him and the same as you. I’m fairly liberal to a degree. I want everybody to be free.