I’m not saying I have an ability to be “happy” or even an interest in going there, but I’d be a lot unhappier if I didn’t have my weekly Real Time with Bill Maher fix. An oasis of sanity, serenity and agreeable stimulation in the midst of storm-tossed seas and p.c. hornets in the brain. Maher’s occasional rants about overly sensitive Millennials…thank you! Not to mention the #MeToo Robespierres, who may or may not have ignited a conservative pushback surge in the wake of the Kavanaugh calamity**.

It’s a shame that so many big-name liberals are too chicken to come on Maher’s show. Kudos to the conservatives who’ve become regulars.

** Clarification: Brett Kavanaugh is, was and always will be a right-wing, pig-eyed partisan who lied through his teeth during the confirmation hearings and shouldn’t have been nominated to the Supreme Court in the first place, not only because he almost certainly attempted to rape Christine Blasey Ford when he was 17 but because he didn’t have the character during the hearings to acknowledge the possibility that something may have happened and admit that he was an alcoholic animal back then, and that he’s sorry for having been a flawed youth. Instead he chose belligerent denial.