If given a choice between drone-killing a house full of hellbent terrorists and not drone-killing them because a young girl with a hula hoop is frolicking nearby, what would you do? Not a toughie by real-life standards, but a truly agonizing decision by the standards of a Gavin Hood suspense thriller costarring Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul and the late Alan Rickman. But what if you were Dwight D. Eisenhower in early June 1944 and you had two D-Day choices — (a) give the “go” order to invade and eventually defeat the Nazis or (b) not invade and thereby save the lives of God knows how many thousands of innocent French citizens (many of them children) who would inevitably be killed in the crossfire between Allied and Nazi forces. Would you decide against invading? Exactly. The answer to question #1 is a no-brainer.

Eye in The Sky (Bleecker Street, 3.11 NY & LA, 4.1 wide) was well reviewed at last September’s Toronto film Festival — 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, 69% on Metacritic.