Earlier today Variety‘s Brent Lang announced a new documentary about the making of Midnight Cowboy, based on Glenn Frankel’s “Shooting Midnight Cowboy: Art, Sex, Loneliness, Liberation and the Making of a Dark Classic.”

The rights were acquired by Nancy Buirski (The Rape of Recy Taylor, The Loving Story) through her documentary production company, Augusta Films. Buirski will direct.

May I ask a question? Why another doc about the making of this 1969 classic? There are at least two or three docs on YouTube that cover it pretty well. (Not to mention a couple of visual essays on the Criterion Bluray.) It’s not going to hurt to watch Buirski’s film, but I’d rather see a making-of doc about something less well-worn.

Oh, and please remember not to buy the Criterion Cowboy — it’s a flat-out desecration.