Another reason I was behind the grind on Wednesday is that I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off as part of my preparation for flying last night to Boston. My Jet Blue flight left Burbank around 8:50 pm. I got into Kennedy around 5 ayem, took a shuttle flight to Boston’s Logan airport and MTA’ed out to Brookline around 7:45 am. I worked a bit, piddled around and then crashed on the couch for three hours.

Aspinwall near Harvard Ave. in Brookline — Thursday, 5.4.06, 12:25 pm.

When I woke up the May weather was transcendent. The air smelled like honesuckle or hot dogs or fantastic coffee…a combination of all three, most likely. The blue skies and bright sunlight made the neighborhood look like something out of a 1952 Vincent Minelli film. The trees are budding, the flowers are bustin’ out all over and it was heavenly to just walk around and breathe it all in. A fragrant spring day on the east coast can cleanse your soul like few other stimulants or epiphanies.