Yesterday I posted a riff about Andy Grieve‘s Can’t Stand Losing You, a Police doc shot seven or eight years ago and finally getting a commercial release next month. As it happens there’s another seven-year-old rock music doc, Denny Tedesco‘s The Wrecking Crew, that’s opening on 3.13 or a week before the Police doc. On 7.6.11 Bryan Wawzenek reported that the doc, which Tedesco began working on in the mid ’90s, had been held up over music rights. The Wrecking Crew tells the story of a group of highly respected Los Angeles-based session musicians who played on a lot of popular singles from the mid ’60s to early ’70s. The Wiki page says the original “crew” was composed of Earl Palmer, Mel Pollen, Bill Aken, Barney Kessel and Al Casey. It also lists roughly 65 musicians who earned their stripes as floating Wrecking Crew musicians. That’s not a crew — that’s a town.