Give me Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz or Vice President Joe Biden as the Democratic Presidential nominee for 2016. We all suspect that Bernie Sanders will surge in Iowa and New Hampshire but then what? I don’t know much about Schultz but I like his coffee and efficiency. Nobody knows who the secretive Hillary really is, but everyone senses that she’s trouble waiting to happen. She plots, she connives and she may implode. With Biden you know who you’re getting — i.e., a mellow straight arrow who blurts out the truth. If it has to be Hillary then it has to be Hillary. I guess I can live with her but I’d rather not. She’d make a good, tough, right-of-center President. She’d be far preferable to any rightie currently running for the Republican Presidential nomination. (And it’s clear that the Gods are favoring her with the boorish Donald Trump currently a 2-to-1 favorite over Jeb Bush in the new Monmouth University poll.) But I’d feel better about things if Biden or Schultz got the nomination, in part because I wouldn’t have to support a Democratic Presidential Candidate with a testy attitude and a cackly laugh.