My sense of things is that last night’s SNL sketch about the Aziz Ansari bad-date episode, which I wrote about on 1.14, was off the mark. Opinion is not sharply divided between urban men and women but mildly divided, and so generally speaking Ansari has not been beheaded in the court of liberal public opinion. He probably behaved like an entitled, sexually indiscreet asshole and upset the unnamed woman in question (i.e., “Grace“), but at the same time the woman in question failed to handle the situation with even a semblance of backbone. If she didn’t like what was going on with Aziz, it was simply a matter of standing up and clearing her throat and saying “okay, no worries, you’re an okay guy but I’m calling myself an Uber.” So Ansari just needs to lay low for a while, and then he’ll come back with a new show and everything will be more or less jake…right?