Hollywood Elsewhere regrets failing to credit @ManiLazic‘s excellent Man on Fire revisionist poster art. I fell for the blending of Céline Sciamma and Tony Scott, the motivational non-similarities between Adele Haenel and Denzel Washington‘s characters, the geographical rapport between northwestern France and Mexico City.

I saw it on Twitter three or four days ago but without any noticable credit. I forgot about it, and then saw it again. So I posted it. Because I really liked it.

Again, I humbly apologize to a fellow film writer (not to mention a Meisner-trained actress). I was thinking and moving too fast, as is my wont. Haste makes waste. Then again examples of unsigned and uncredited revisionist movie poster art appear on Twitter all the time and nobody says boo. They come and go, surface and subside…all part of a relentless daily cycle. Cheers & salutations.