This morning a Hollywood Reporter/Scott Feinberg piece appeared about Paramount’s “It’s Awesome!” billboard on behalf of The Wolf of Wall Street. Obviously this isn’t intended to reach Academy voters who might be dithering about whether to vote for Gravity or 12 Years A Slave or American Hustle. Okay, maybe it is but it seems aimed at the “too shallow to get it” crowd. — i.e., .the popcorn-munchers who have been enjoying Martin Scorsese‘s film for “the wrong reasons.” If it was my call I would have had the poster say “It’s Effing Brutal!” Meaning, of course, that it uses Jordan Belfort‘s saga to characterize the one-percenters and the Wall Street community as contemptible thieving pigs. Three other Wolf billboards praise the film in a more traditional fashion, calling it “The Movie Of Our Time,” “Bold Brave Classic” and “His Best Performance Ever.”