Since the Dylan Farrow letter was published people have noted an inconsistent posture on Mia Farrow‘s part — condemning Woody Allen for allegedly abusing Dylan as well as cradle-robbing Soon-Yi but being a friend and supporter of Roman Polanski, who’s had similar mud thrown his way. Two days ago Farrow tweeted that she’s “not” Polanski’s friend. Really? Pop in the Criterion Bluray of Rosemary’s Baby (released on 10.30.12) and watch the “making of” documentary, in which Farrow speaks very admiringly of Polanski’s method and artistry in the directing of that 1968 film. Maybe they don’t converse regularly and have dinner every other week, but Farrow is obviously in RoPo’s corner. What, did she change her mind after taping her interview? The proof is in the pudding.