Have I signed up for Apple TV+, which launches on 11.1? No, I haven’t. At this point in time I’m not regarding it as an essential viewing option. (Ditto Disney+, which launches on 11.12.) My attitude could evolve, of course. I’m presuming many of us probably feel the same way. What I mainly care about are HD remasterings of classic films, which are fairly well covered by Amazon, Netflix, Criterion and Vudu.

Then again I’ve been given an option to watch all the forthcoming original Apple+ programs, including the top 3 — (a) For All Mankind (alternate history science fiction), (b) The Morning Show (relationship dramedy in the vein of Broadcast News) and (c) The Banker (fact-based drama), which will premiere at AFI Fest on 11.21, given a limited theatrical release on on 12.6 with digital streaming to begin on 1.31.20.