Both the Toronto Film Festival and yours truly are limping along, hanging in there. I almost like it more after “the crowd” goes home, or after the fourth or fifth day. I’ve been here seven days now; two more full days to go after tonight. Tomorrow is the big Douglas Trumbull demonstration of MAGI plus Pasolini, The Good Lie, This Is Where I Leave You (Shawn Levy crap) and Still Alice. Friday offers Christian Petzold‘s Phoenix plus The New Girlfriend, Eden, The Riot Club, Bang Bang Baby. Definitely more high-pedigree titles over the last few days, which wasn’t the case before. I feel fine but I’m running on fumes, apples, grapes, energy bars and an occasional Toronto spicy dog with hot sauce.

Lobby of Scotiaplex on Tuesday, 9.9 — 2:50 pm. All but dead.

(l. to r.) Sony Pictures Classics Michael Barker, Janet Jones, Red Army producer/director Gabe Polsky, Wayne Gretzky, PSC’s Tom Bernard at last night’s Red Army premiere at the Ryerson Theatre.