Last Thursday Gal Gadot‘s husband Yaron Yarsano, an Israeli real-estate tycoon, posted an Instagram photo that, according to People‘s Dave Quinn, soon became a “viral sensation”. It’s a shot of Varsano, standing next to his Wonder-wife, wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with a grossly offensive message — i.e., “mine is better than yours.” Imagine if Varsano’s T-shirt suggested that your annual income isn’t squat compared to his, or that his aroused schtufenhaufer is eight inches long while yours isn’t much more than a stiff cashew. It would be one thing if his T-shirt said that Gadot is a great mom, wife and lover and that he’s lucky to be married to her. It doesn’t say that. 50% of the basic message is “your wife is probably bland and underwhelming.” On top of which Yarsano is wearing what looks like a low-thread-count Hanes T-shirt, the tip-off being the baggy sleeves. If he was cool he’d be wearing a form-fitting, high-thread-count, European-style T-shirt. Plus there’s some kind of bar code at the bottom. If I’d been invited to hang with Yarsano and Gadot on their patio that day, I would have taken one look at that T-shirt and muttered to myself, “Jesus Christ, this guy has issues.”