Having announced a new trans status, Elliot Page (the former Ellen Page) is now a dude in what sense exactly? Does this mean…how should I put this? I’ve been in the Army and I know that drill instructors will sometimes yell “I want every swinging dick to be standing in formation by 6 am.” Could one say that Elliot Page is now part of this fraternity?

Or is Elliot trans in the sense that he’s merely chosen to regard himself as non-binary or male-ish as an idea or some kind of vague emotional commitment with the door left open for whatever, or has he actually “taken steps” to transition out of biological womanhood?

Because nobody ever seems to discuss specifics. Hormone shots, I presume, but maybe not. Who knows?

Page made an official announcement earlier today so inquiries are allowed. What’s clear is that right now and henceforth Page is a he/him.

Why are media outlets terrified of posting the name “Ellen Page”? Jordan Ruimy has scanned two or three dozen articles and reports that only UPI has mentioned “Ellen Page” in their headline.