Stated a few weeks ago, bears repeating: The primary blame for the Trump catastrophe is born, of course, by stubborn, racist, pea-brained rurals, who’ve always been and always will be fearful and uncomprehending and gullible. But the real architects of the current horror are the corporate-suckling Democratic establishment machine types and particularly the evangelical genderists (“It’s time for a woman in the White House, even one as deeply unappealing as Hillary!”).

The fatal factor wasn’t that a woman ran for President, but that the woman who ran was the braying, testy, fainting-like-a-sack-of-potatoes Hillary Clinton, who promised nothing change-y, and nothing beyond the fact that she was highly experienced (which of course she was) and would handle her Presidential duties in a cautious, responsible way (ditto).

A just-posted Economist editorial is worth reading.

My long-derided idea for dividing Blue and Red America into separate nations doesn’t seem so crazy now, does it? The urban Blues are the Czech Republic and the rural Reds are Slovakia — it really is time for the Czechs to sign a new Declaration of Independence and cut those bozos loose.

In a social-political context there really are such things as wheat and chaff. In any society, any historical period, there have always been haves and have-nots, and the latter have always tended to be a bit resentful and probably a little less hygienic and (sorry) not particularly sensitive or perceptive. Economic vitality and decent education systems have something to do with this. There really are non-judgmental, forward-looking, live-and-let-live progressives out there, just as there are judgmental, fearful of creeping multiculturalism, hugging-the-past, change-resistant foot-draggers. I say get rid of them. Leave them to their own fate.