Keep in mind that this obviously formulaic, connect-the-dots programmer — a descendant of any number of exotic-locale, fish-out-of-water pratfall comedies going back to the Hope-Crosby road movies — won’t open until 5.12.17 so you can depend on being deluged by trailers and promos for at least the next three months. Which reminds me — I need to buy my annual plane fare to Paris/Cannes and elsewhere sooner rather than later.

Posted five or six weeks ago: “An emotionally distraught 30something woman (Amy Schumer) takes a vacation in Ecuador with her mom (Goldie Hawn), and of course fall prey to a gang of no-good slimeballs. Will the nice-guy boyfriend do the right thing, or will he cut and run?

“No one is allowed to mention anyone’s facial ‘work’ (just ask Owen Gleiberman what happens when you do) so I guess I can’t say anything.

“Written by Katie Dippold (The Heat, Ghostbusters); directed by Jonathan Levine (50/50, Warm Bodies, The Night Before), and costarring Joan Cusack, Ike Barinholtz, Wanda Sykes and Christopher Meloni. 20th Century Fox is opening Snatched (originally Mother/Daughter) on 5.12.17.