Poor Silence, Martin Scorsese‘s spiritual epic that has received no award-season action since opening last month, has finally been nominated by a Hollywood-based org. The American Society of Cinematographers has nominated Rodrigo Prieto‘s cinematography on Silence for its top honor at the 31st annual ASC Awards, which will happen on 2.4.17.

The ASC has also nominated Lion (dp Greig Fraser), Moonlight (dp James Laxton), La La Land (dp Linus Sandgren) and Arrival (dp Bradford Young).

Prieto has been ASC-nominated twice before, for Frida (’02) and Brokeback Mountain (’05). If he wins, great. His Silence capturings are magnificent. But I’m not expecting that. Sandgren or Laxton, I’m thinking, will take the prize.

I do, however, have a problem with cinematography of Bradford Young. Here’s what I said about his technique in my 9.4.16 Telluride Arrival review:

“I hate, hate, hate Bradford Young‘s cinematography, which doesn’t always deliver the same muddy, underlighted values — a vaguely greenish tint, like you’re looking at everything through a scrim — but does often enough. His images convey a feeling of slight suffocation, like my eyes are dying or the image is doing a fade to black.

“A N.Y. Times profile noted that Young ‘favors raw light and has a penchant for shooting into it.’ His images have been bothering me for years — Middle of Nowhere, Selma, A Most Violent Year, Pawn Sacrifice. If a film has been shot by Young, brace yourself — you’re in for murky ride.”