So that’s an unfortunate fail for the Hotel Schuetzen Lauterbrunnen (URL: because of their totally shitty, verging-on-nonexistent wifi. They’re fine, I’m fine, it’s nobody fault and I’m checking my ass out this morning and heading back to Berne for the night. All I know is that a cafe right next door to the Hotel Schuetzen Lauterbrunnen has absolutely drop-dead, world-class, lightning-fast wifi. They get it and Schutzenites don’t.

Most of the good people who stay in this place are retirees who wear sandals with brown socks. These people are not part of the dynamic 2013 world and are therefore content to reside in a a wifi black hole. Fine for them — not so good for a fellow like myself. No biggie. I just don’t have time for this crap. And Berne is a very spirited town.