Kudos to Deadline‘s Pete Hammond for implying that the Gold Derby community is full of shit for buying into the idea of that Olivia Colman‘s performance as Queen Anne in The Favourite is a Best Actress thing, and stating plainly that in a fair and just world she “should be in supporting.”

Hammond is 100% correct because Colman is not playing a lead protagonist but a mark, the victim of a kind of royal-court con. By the standards of The Sting, she’s playing Robert Shaw while Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone — the film’s actual leads — are playing Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

Anne Thompson agrees but also seems to be capitulating to Colman’s Best Actress narrative because, she says, “Fox is maintaining a kind of radio silence” about the Colman thing.

Nobody is a greater admirer of Olivia Colman than myself. I’ve mentioned this before, but don’t forget that I actually raised dough to fund screenings of Tyrannosaur so people could appreciate how great Colman was in that film.

Significant Tom O’Neill remark: “Poor Glenn Close. If she doesn’t get nominated for The Wife…” Hammond: “Oh, she’ll get nominated.”

Thompson on Can You Ever Forgive Me‘s Melissa McCarthy: “Talk about a narrative!”