HE has issues with Jake “junket whore” Hamilton, but he’s completely correct here in pushing back against the anti-First Man tweets by Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Plus he fails to mention a noteworthy flag-unfurling scene involving Neil Armstrong‘s son.

First Man director Damien Chazelle to Josh Rothkppf during last weekend’s Hamptons Film festival, as posted by Gold Derby‘s Bill McCuddy: “Art is an inherently political act. But there is a distinction beneath that as to certain choices. That wasn’t a political decision and I hope anyone who sees the movie knows there’s nothing political about it. The moonwalk is only eight minutes. This is about the eight years that led up to it, but in terms of that moonwalk I felt a responsibility to show people things they hadn’t seen.”

Flags aside, HE objects to Hamilton’s “Ron Burgundy” suit jacket.