I didn’t see any harm last Saturday in posting that fake 18-month-old YouTube trailer (originally posted on 10.19.07) for James Cameron‘s Avatar. Especially since I was bouncing off Michael Cieply‘s 4.25 N.Y. Times piece, which explicitly stated in paragraph #7 that “neither a trailer nor even a still photo” from the forthcoming 20th Century Fox film has been made available.

In short I made no claims about the trailer’s authenticity since I thought the lack of authenticity was obvious. At the same I liked the way the trailer plays and figured “where’s the harm?”

Except late yesterday the Wrap staff posted the same fake trailer with a headline that says “A Sneak Peek at Cameron’s Avatar” and a subhead that says “Watch the trailer for James Cameron’s highly anticipated sci-fi adventure, due out Dec. 18.” I figured they’d take it down right away after someone pointed out the error, but here it is the next day — Tuesday, 4.28 at 12:45 pm eastern — and it’s still up. Update: It’s 4:12 pm eastern, and The Wrap has finally posted a correction.