As gender transformations go, Larry Wachowski‘s — she’s now called Lana — hasn’t turned out too badly. Not drop-dead ravishing but moderately appealing in a no-big-deal, sitting-around-Starbucks sort of way. The shot on the right (posted by Us Weekly) is the first time I’ve seen Larry/Lana looking 100% female. If a sense of fulfillment and/or happiness is part of the dividend then it’s all to the good, right?

(l. to r.) Geeky heavy-cat Larry about a decade ago; transformative Larry about six years ago; Lana snapped at LAX on 4.17.

To be totally honest, if I saw Lana coming towards me in an airport corridor I’d probably say to myself, “Wow…no hips. And her feet are too big.” I need a kind of hippy-breasty hourglass thing or it doesn’t work for me. But she looks relatively normal. Just another hard-working girl.