Yesterday Jill Bauer and Ronna GradusHot Girls Wanted, a doc about the cruel underbelly of the amateur porn industry, had its Netflix debut. (I was going to write “unseemly aspects” but do porn producers have any seemly aspects?) Pretty young women have been used, abused and exploited for…well, centuries, of course, but more particularly since the advent of the industrial age and aggressive capitalism and all that. This is simply the latest wrinkle, and it’s not going to stop. For years I’d regarded amateur porn as a bit less odious and predatory than the established, old-school porn industry. But impressions change. Particularly, judging by this trailer, when you let docs of this sort sink in. I tried watching this last night but for some reason Tunnel Bear won’t let me access my Netflix account.

It’s the same with the meat industry in a sense. You go to the market and see those nice red cuts of sirloin and tenderloin and think of that grilled aroma with the sauteed peppercorns and garlic butter– a pleasure. But then you watch this and this and the idea of eating meat seems distasteful if not appalling. The meat industry has shrunk by over a third since the mid ’70s and more and more of us are leaning vegetarian, but is the meat industry going to fold up and die any time soon? No.

On one hand there’s an 83% Rotten Tomatoes rating for Hot Girls Wanted, but there’s also this excerpt of a review by The Guardian‘s Jordan Hoffman: “They should offer bins at each screening of Hot Girls Wanted, so everyone can throw away their laptops and vow never to look at a pornography again. As as a ‘scared straight’ manifesto, this new documentary may do the trick when it’s rolled out as a warning in high school assemblies. [But] as cinema for anyone who has read a newspaper, it’s a considerable flub.”