From 5.23.19 Intercept podcast titled “Joe Biden Would Be A Disaster”:

Excerpt #1: “I think it is patently absurd the notion that [Joe Biden] thinks he’s the future of a party where, in fact, he’s been one of the backbones of it for the better part of five decades.”

Excerpt #2: “Biden is that guy. He’s the guy who is so familiar. He is the middle of the road, I take the train, Amtrak, Delaware, folksy, aw shucks, not perfect, not polished, not ivy league, not a woman, not a person of color, not gay, right? Like, he’s all the things that revert back to who historically had always had the grip on power and the reassurance that that kind of person might still have a grip on power.”

Excerpt #3: “People say ‘electable, electable,’ but this is the era of Donald J. Trump. Does anyone even know what electable means anymore? What counts as electable? Never forget [that] in 2016, 17 Republicans ran for their party’s presidential nomination and the guy from Home Alone 2 won. So anyone who tells you at this stage that Biden has this in the bag is either a liar or a fool.”