Around 2:30 pm today Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron and I did a sit-down in the rear of the Sheridan chophouse. We talked for 45 minutes; could have gone two or three hours. We spoke about Gravity, of course, but steered clear of too much technical talk. Cuaron supposed what Stanley Kubrick would have to say about Gravity in regards to 2001: A Space Odyssey. He also spoke about decreasing movie-sophistication levels among today’s general audiences. And declared himself a general advocate of HFR cinematography. He said that he added grain to the final look of Gravity because, being “an old fart,” he loves a little texture (although his ten-year-old daughter doesn’t). Cuaron also said he’s more of a High Noon than a Rio Bravo fan, which earns him a gold star in my book. Not a bad discussion if I do say so myself.

Gravity director and co-writer Alfonso Cuaron — Sunday, 9.1, 2:55 pm.

During a Telluride-spnosored outdoor chat at the Abel Gance cinema (l to r.) Alfonso Cuaron, Jonas Cuaron, Hollywood Reporter critic Todd McCarthy.