“Make no mistake, this is a review,” says CHUD’s Devin Faraci about Matt Selman‘s girlishly giddy, fluttery, not-to-be-trusted riff about Watchmen. “And make no mistake, despite what [this] reviewer and Simpsons executive producer says, he’s a journalist in this case.

“He’s blogging on the Time magazine website in a Time magazine-sanctioned blog, for the love of God! [And] I’m going to guess that he’s probably drawing a dime or two for his work.

“This is sheer bullshit, and I hope that the next time some studio flack talks about how online breaks embargo, they remember that it was Time fucking magazine that did it. And let it be noted that I have no problem with the embargo and with Warner Bros enforcing it; I have a problem with certain elements in the media believing that they’re above it all.”