After being criticized by Israeli fans for recycling his Ophir Awards acceptance speech at last month’s Golden Globes, Waltz With Bashir director Ari Folman has stated a willingness to read any remarks suggested by readers of Yair Raveh‘s Cinemascope (and of this column, of course) if and when he wins the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar this coming Sunday.

If it happens a Bashir win will be (a) the first Oscar for an Israeli film after eight nominations, (b) the first foreign-language win for an animated film, and (c) the first foreign language win for a documentary. Folman, who has been winging it so far, promised Raveh he’ll “read all suggestions between now and Sunday. And if he reads something genuinely brilliant he will not hesitate to use it on live TV.”

There’s a missing something-or-other in all this. I’ve listened to Folman speak off the cuff about Waltz With Bashir, and he’s never been less than eloquent. He’s a very solid and rooted fellow. No b.s. in him. So why would it be a problem for him to tap out his own possible acceptance speech? Especially given the (expected?) option of weaving in a remark about the recent hostilites in Gaza?