To put it as succinctly and shallowly as possible, I’m not a fan of Justin Timberlake‘s tennis-ball coif in Andrew Niccol‘s In Time (20th Century Fox, 10.28). His Social Network hair was cool, but the Buchenwald cut is a stopper. And it didn’t look good on Brad Pitt either in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Plus I’ve been scared of Niccol ever since Niccol’s script of The Truman Show because it ends kinda badly — Jim Carrey should have escaped at the end of Act Two and then returned to the fake superdome world at the end of Act Three because the real world is too tough for a TV-land character to survive in. Then I really turned off after S1m0ne.

But tomorrow’s another day, I suppose. I’m ready to forgive. Lords of War wasn’t too bad.