“What happened last night is this: The brown people and the black people and the women handed the white men’s asses to them as unsentimentally as white men have bought and sold and manipulated America for centuries now. Welcome to the future.” — from an 11.8 assessment pIece by Gawker‘s Cord Jefferson.

“It would do conservatives well to look at some numbers today: 75 percent is the chunk of the Latino vote that went to Obama, according to polling data, along with 93 percent of blacks. Seventy-three percent of Asians broke for the president, and only 44 percent of women voted for Romney. [And] adding to the GOP’s woes is that, in just a couple decades, the U.S. is going to be a country where brown people outnumber white people by a lot — then they’re double-fucked.

“The grim realization that the world is a far different and more diverse place than it once was has fallen like a shadow over the GOP since its defeat last night, turning its already pallid complexion an even lighter shade of alabaster.”