The initial 2008 Patton Blu-ray edition “looked bad — smeary, overly de-noised, robbed of detail — and if you need cold, hard, indisputable evidence, compare this full-sized screenshot from the first release to this one from the all-new 1080p, AVC-encoded transfer.

The faintly grainy, more detailed, non DNR’d Patton Bluray, which came out yesterday.

“In the former, notice how there’s no texture to George C. Scott‘s face. Notice how his dog’s fur is weirdly smooth. Notice the distinct lack of detail in the driver’s uniform. In the shot from the remaster, however, fine film grain is visible, textures are keenly defined, and the picture appears infinitely more natural and lifelike. Go on, grain-haters, I challenge you to defend the first shot. It can’t be done.” — from Casey Broadwater‘s 11.5 review.

The heavily DNR’d, largely discredited 2008 Patton Bluray.