I always write each item or review about five or six times. The first draft is, of course, some kind of rough-and-tumble version of what I’m trying to say. I always concurrently research and re-research in this phase. And then I do a bit more research as I rewrite and rewrite again. Then I decide where to put the paragraph breaks. Then I insert the hyper links. Then I search around and find a photo or two and downsize them to a rectangular shape around 460 by 300 pixels, and then re-sharpen and upload them to the server. Then I figure out a headline, which is never final. Then I start compressing and refining the piece by eliminating all unnecessary words and streamlining the sentences without making it sound turgid — you want it nice and tight but it has to flow and breathe. In other words I almost never write posts quickly; there’s always more to do, more to correct. It’s a bit like digging ditches.