Last night around midnight MCN’s David Poland tweeted that Deadline‘s Nikki Finke had written him the following message: “YOU ARE BEING SUED (INCLUDING FOR YOUR DEFAMATORY TWITTERS) NO MORE DELAYS. THAT’S IT.” More bluster and brimstone, or does she really mean it this time?

We all know about harsh judgments from Rabbi Dave, but if legal action results he’s clearly the Good Guy and Finke is not. The matter will never go to court, but it would be delightful if it did. It would be like the O.J. trial — the whole town would be watching. If I was the right kind of attorney I’d be calling Poland right now and insisting that he allow me to represent him pro bono.

On 6.17 Poland wrote that “it’s only been a couple of weeks since Nikki [Finke] last threatened to sue me, using the full might of Jay Penske‘s attorneys. Unfortunately, what I tweeted about her was factually accurate (as every factual statement that I have ever written about her has been), so her claim was limited to the notion that she is not a public person and therefore I was…well, I don’t even know what legal leg she was pretending to stand on.”

One of his stronger anti-Finke rants ran on 3.23. I wrote a day later that Poland “makes some good points; the writing is very clean and straight because he’s not hemming and hawing in the least. He’s not afraid of being Finke’s enemy, and I admire the ballsiness in that.”