I don’t know who Cubeyou.com is but they’ve offered “new consumer research comparing fans of the Hunger Games, Thor and The Hobbit.” One tidbit is that 67 % of Hunger Games fans are under 21 and female (no shit?), and are also “hardcore gamers and basketball fans.” Another is that Hobbit fans are “socially conscious, [and attuned] to documentaries and news.” Another is that Thor fans are into “fine art as well as action movies.”

I need to re-process this: “Thor fans are into fine art as well as action movies”? What kind of fine art would that be exactly?

My favorite part: “All of these movie fans are predominantly empathetic and loyal as ISFJ personality types (i.e., Introverted Sensing with Extraverted Feeling), as measured using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).”

If I were drinking and into hitting the clubs, I would probably use this line. “Yeah, I’m one of those ISFJ guys, more or less. I’m sensitive but large of spirit. I have multitudinous realms living inside me.” Unless, of course, the woman is a hardcore gamer and basketball fan. In which case my interest levels would plummet if not evaporate altogether.