To mark the 15th anniversary of Saul Bass‘s passing, web designer Christian Annyas yesterday posted a Vertigo movie-poster-design page that includes some alternate images that Bass designed but weren’t chosen as the primary. My favorite is the sexier lower-left image, followed by the despairing lower-right.

The upper-left was chosen for the ’58 one-sheet but the hat worn by the male silhouette dates it, obviously. Here’s my 7.16.10 riff on that awful brown suit worn by Vertigo star James Stewart.

The actual art was done by Bass associate Art Goodman. “Bass designed everything, but often other people were involved in the execution of his ideas,” Annyas explains. Here’s a list of Saul Bass/Art Goodman collaborations.

Here’s an article about Bass by Pat Kirkham that’ll be published later this year.