Update: Two Hollywood execs — Garth Ancier and David Newman — and a theme-park design guy, Gary Goddard, were named earlier today as defendants in new sex-abuse lawsuits announced by attorney Jeff Herman on behalf of Michael Egan. No offense but this isn’t the hot-news followup I was envisioning when Herman mentioned last week that more defendants would be named. Ancier, Newman and Goddard aren’t as well-known as Bryan Singer, whom Egan and Herman filed against last week in a civil action. They’re just not that “sexy” in a news sense. I’m just being honest.

Earlier today: Attorney Jeff Herman, who last week filed a civil sexual-abuse lawsuit against X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer on behalf of Michael Egan, has said three more “Hollywood types” will be targeted in similar suits “soon.” Somehow “soon” has morphed into a presumption that Herman will file these new lawsuits this week. Herman said he has been working for six months to uncover teen sex-abuse cases in Hollywood. He said such cases are “the worst kept secret around because it has been going on for years” with studios “looking the other way.”