This morning I rsvped to a last-minute Brigade invitation to see Gavin Hood‘s Eye in the Sky (Bleecker, 3.11). It happens tomorrow at noon. Right away the publicist replied as follows: “Thanks, Jeffrey — noted. Will keep you posted on confirmation ASAP!” Two minutes later I wrote back: “What does that mean? You’ll…what, let me know if I can attend? It’s a little nickle-and-dime lunch-hour screening.” Publicist: “Correct, we’ve made note of your RSVP and should have word on confirmations by EOD today.” Me: “Can’t wait to find out!”

Seriously, who says “hey, would you like to attend a last-minute screening at noon tomorrow?” and then when you rsvp they turn around and say “okay, cool…we’ll let you know later on if we have a seat for you!”

Update: I’ve been told I’ve made the cut and that they have a seat for me at tomorrow’s noon screening. How flattering!