A Michael Fleming Variety story quoted by In Contention‘s Kris Tapley announces that Chris Nolan‘s Shadow of the Bat, his third and final Batman film for Warner Bros., will open in the summer of 2012. It also contains two major-league shockers.

Pic will once again use the Riddler as the prime villain — the third go-round after Frank Gorshin‘s Riddler on the ’60s Batman TV series and Jim Carrey‘s Riddler in 1995’s Batman Forever. The surprise is that Carrey will again play the role in Nolan’s Shadow.

The other “come again?” is that directors Tim Burton, the creator of Batman and Batman Returns, and Joel Schumacher , helmer of Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, have been brought on as consultants to the production.

“Tim and Joel had two completely different visions of the Batman, visions that contrast vastly with my own,” Nolan told Variety. “But I don’t feel that negates the possibility of a creative convergence. Batman is more than the ideas of one person, of one team of artists. He is the result of seven decades of pop culture influence and innovation.”

WB is sadi to be eyeballing a May 2012 release date to coincide with the 73rd anniversary of Batman’s first comic book appearance in 1939.

Nolan begins shooting his latest film, Inception, with Leonardo DiCaprio later this year for a 2010 release.