Hollywood Elsewhere is unhappy with Angelina Jolie being unhappy with a court’s recent decision to temporarily award Brad Pitt joint custody of their children, according to reporting by Us magazine’s Eliza Thompson.

The 45-year-old star of Those Who Wish Me Dead and the forthcoming The Eternals is “bitterly disappointed” after Judge John Ouderkirk ruled in favor of her ex-husband, 57, earlier this month. The former couple — engaged in 2012, married in 2014, separated since September 2016 — have been fighting over custody of their six kids for nearly five damn years.

Jolie “will never forgive” Pitt over this, a source has told Thompson. The source claims that Jolie will use “everything she’s got” to appeal the arrangement. “She maintains it’s far from over and still believes that justice will prevail.”

Who fights custody particulars year after year after year? I’ve been divorced with young kids hanging in the balance. The best thing is to think of the kids’ emotional interests, period. Whatever your nagging arguments may be against your ex, you let it go.

Jolie, who lives high on the hog with the kids in her Los Feliz mansion, reportedly wants Pitt to cough up more in the way of child support. They’re both multi-millionaires, and the kids have obviously been living lives of lavish privilege all along. On top of which they’re almost certainly all wokesters.