“I love criticism [and] always have. I love it as it was practiced by Baudelaire and I love it as it was practiced by David Foster Wallace, and I love it as it was practiced by Nick Tosches, even when he was writing about albums he never even listened to.

“I often tell people that I would have been happy to have aged into the Stanley Kaufmann of Premiere, had the magazine lasted. I am in complete concurrence with Manny Farber: ‘I can’t imagine a more perfect art form, a more perfect career than criticism. I can’t imagine anything more valuable to do, and I’ve always felt that way.’

“So in case you wonder why I tend to take the pulings and mewlings of pseud jagoff opinion-mongerers calling themselves ‘critics’ so personal-like, well, it isn’t just because I’m a reactive sorehead lunatic. The current logistical irony is that, in the contemporary environment, I’m compelled to explore making a living in other forms of writing. One of which, as it happens, is….well, I imagine you can guess.” — Glenn Kenny in a 6.5 Some Came Running essay that bounces off Poland-vs.-McWeeny and Carr-vs.-Scott.