If you ask me the balcony-vomiting that happened last Wednesday night at the Cort theatre during a performance of Grace (and more particularly during a monologue performed by costar Paul Rudd) is a metaphor for the devolution of U.S. society and Broadway culture.

It’s not that some guy got so stinking that he threw up, and not even that it happened while attending a play (although that’s pretty bad). What gets me is that the guy couldn’t even manage to throw up in a waste basket or at least somewhere near his seat. No, he had to lean over and hurl over the balcony and splatter about a dozen people sitting in the orchestra below. That is the mark of an absolute animal. I know what it is to be shitfaced and convulsing (the stuff I did when I was 15 and 16 was ridiculous), but I never spewed on somebody’s lap or head. We’re speaking about an appalling lack of couth and control. The guy should have been taken out behind the building and severely dealt with. Actions have consequences.