Digital remixes of old hits are generally irksome — they tend to make original cuts sounds cheap in a clubber/house-music sort of way — and I hate the idea of any musical show that launched in Las Vegas of all places — still the #1 Middle American mecca for plastic, get-drunk-and- jump-off-the-roof-of-the-casino Sodom & Gomorrah wallowings — but I’m feeling a little differently about some of these Beatles tracks.

This Strawberry Fields one in particular. (Here’s a Real Audio link.) Everybody read last June about original Beatles producer George Martin and son Giles remixing a lot of the old tracks for a Cirque du Soleil show, etc. They actually did a half- decent job. The album is out on 11.21, but my God…the CD jacket cover is disgusting. It was obviously designed by some synth-head who totally doesn’t get what the Beatles were ‘up about” when they really mattered.