Something head-scratchy this way comes: (a) earlier today Movie City News put up a link to the Golden Trailer Awards (which MCN has listed on its own page under the title “Notepad: What’s Happening now”), and linked to a trailer for Patrick Reade Johnson‘s 5-25-77, a black-hole movie (shot eons ago but still no distributor) about a geeky Illinois teenager (based on Johnson himself) whose life is changed by the influence of mid ’70s Steven Spielberg movies and particularly by the debut of Star Wars in May of ’77 (hence the title); (b) I went to the Golden Trailer Awards site and particularly to the page for the most recent listing of winners, and it says that the winners — the exact same ones listed on the MCN page — were announced on 6.1.06, or over five months ago…what the fuck?; (c) I then watched the 5-25-77 trailer — definitely an engaging, well-cut thing, but this film has been in post-production for a long time (I had a brief phone chat with Johnson in March ’05 when I was visiting Illinois and the movie was way delayed back then even) so obviously there’s something wrong. There should be a statute of limitations on films like this. I read the script six or seven years ago; it may have been even farther back than that. Johnson should grim up and do the compassion- ate thing and put it out of its misery. Four-wall it, release it on DVD…something.