And the Becket DVD delays continue, courtesy of MPI Home Video. The Illinois-based company had rights issues with the family of playwright Jean Anouilh to deal with, but these have been settled. Despite the current interest in Peter O’Toole, who nearly won a Best Actor Oscar for his performance in this 1964 film, and his Oscar-calibre performance in Roger Michell‘s Venus, MPI still has no plans to release the Becket DVD. A great film, remastered and ready to go, is being kept in the cupboard by a third-rate outfit; it seems like a kind of hostage situation. The MPI Home Video website makes no mention of Becket DVD whatsoever — not in their “new releases” or “upcoming releases” section — not even if you do a search. This despite the fact that a message on an IMDB board on 5.30.06 from Christie Hester which said that “MPI Home Video intends to release Becket on DVD during the first quarter of 2007.”