Giuseppe Capotondi’s The Double Hour (Samuel Goldwyn, 4.15) “is a tremendous flick that [will] probably be remade by Hollywood with Katherine Heigl starring and McG directing with a tacked-on happy ending. Until then we have the original — a brutal, beautiful fusion of The Vanishing, A History of Violence, Mulholland Drive and Les Diaboliques” — 3.28 Quickflix review by Simon Miraudo.

Miraudo also called it “a haunting meditation on grief and guilt masquerading as an intense psychological murder mystery.”

John Anderson‘s 4.8 N.Y. Times story about spoilers mentioned that The Double Hour “faces information age challenges to keep its plot secret.”

I haven’t seen The Double Hour on either coast, but I’ve asked the good people at Ginsberg-Libby for help in that regard.