I’m fairly certain that before too long Hollywood Elsewhere will be two-thirds of a traditional reading experience, and one-third of a you-are-there, it’s-all-happening-right-now Google Glass experience — a video camera mounted on my glasses with a live feed going straight to an HE live screen and showing whatever’s going on — whatever’s being seen, heard and said in a walking-around social context (events, premieres, screenings, parties, interviews and randoms minus the private stuff.)

I honestly believe this will start to happen by late 2014 or mid-2015 at the latest. I think that just printed material, photos and videos won’t be enough. People will want more immediacy, direct access — something vaguely akin to a Being John Malkovich experience.

In a 5.16 N.Y. Times story about Google Glass by David Streitfeld, attorney Karen L. Stevenson says that “we are all now going to be both the paparazzi and the paparazzi’s target.”