David Letterman is no Walter Cronkite. He’s not even Ed Sullivan. But he is the face that millions of Americans see before turning in for the night. For years, John McCain has appeared on his show, even announcing his intention to run for president on the program. And to have the affable Letterman visibly boil and go on the offensive showed that, perhaps, McCain, whose campaign has stumbled since the beginning of this economic crisis, is in bigger trouble than one would think.
“Perhaps McCain won’t say, ‘If I’ve lost Letterman, I’ve lost middle America.’ Does Letterman even say his audience is ‘middle America?’
“But one wouldn’t be surprised if the Republican candidate began to smell a strong odor seeping into the vents of the Straight Talk Express.” — Sridhar Pappu writing in today’s (9.25) edition of The Washington Express.