On Sunday, 11.19 HE will attend a special screening of Alfred Hitchcock‘s The Man Who Knew Too Much — a 4K UHD restoration supervised by restoration guru Robert Harris.

It’s happening at the Bedford Playhouse at 1 pm.

Aside from the enhanced clarity and color, the presentation will also contain the original Perspecta stereo sound mix, which hasn’t been heard since the original 1956 release in first-run theatres. TMWKTM will be projected in 4K Super VistaVision. Bring the kids!

A q & a with Harris and Janet Maslin will follow the screening.

From HE’s Doris Day obit, posted on 5.13.19: “The only Doris Day performance I’ve had a problem with was her costarring role in The Man Who Knew Too Much. I adore aspects of this 1956 thriller (the murder in the Marrakech marketplace, the assassination attempt in Albert Hall) but Day’s grating emotionalism makes it a very hard film to handle at times. She cries, shrieks, trembles, weeps. And when she isn’t losing it, she’s acting pretentiously coy and smug or singing ‘Que Sera Sera’ over and over.”