Every time I visit a convenience store I start looking around for those clear rounded plastic jars containing cheap black combs. I’m referring to ones made out of slim and bendable plastic with thin, malleable teeth that go for only 99 cents, and not the stiff and unyielding slightly heavier kind with overly dense teeth that drugstores sell for $3.50 or $4. Only down-at-the-heels liquor stores sell cheapo combs. I refer to them as James Dean combs. They slightly bend with your hair and slip nicely into your back jean pocket without a feeling of excessive rigidity.

(l.) The “good” James Dean comb; (r.) the “bad” KMart/CVS comb.

I’m obviously coming from a highly fickle place, but I’m always on the look for cheapo combs and they’re disappearing from the marketplace, i fear. Can’t find them anywhere. The next time I see a batch I’m buying the whole supply.